STR Distilling Consultancy Ltd. are providers of technical expertise in the setting up and management of whisky distilleries. We can provide a tailored service to interested parties from site identification to bottling product and all of the associated functions in-between.

Stuart Robertson has over 30 years of experience in the distilling industry gained in some of the most prestigious distilleries in Scotland, Dalmore, Springbank, Cragganmore, Linkwood but to name a few. He has been involved in and run numerous projects from automation of plant to developing plans for a new distillery.

With a number of years of experience in procurement of casks for maturation and blending we can use our expertise to maximise the flavour profile required to produce whisky to customer taste.

We provide the expertise to make your first steps into the world of spirits production as smooth and stress free as possible. We can guide you through all of the processes required to produce whisky of exceptional quality, from Barley to Bottle.

Stuart can advise on all aspects of distillery management once the project is completed and can provide guidance in setting up systems in accordance with HMRC legislation required on reporting within the production and warehousing functions.

What We Do

Site Identification Considerations

When looking for a site to build a distillery upon a prerequisite of the area must be access to a sufficient volume and the highest quality of water which is required for production, cooling and spirit reduction.

To aid the intake and distribution of goods easy access to good communications routes is required.

When looking for the perfect site consideration must be given to the environmental factors that can have an influence on the maturation and thus the character of whisky.

Local factors such as weather patterns, wind direction and precipitation can have an influence on the final product created.

Engineering Expertise

With our knowledge and expertise we can guide you through the process of distillery concept to first spirit run in a manner that provides you with information that allows you to discover permutations that are available to a new distiller.

Working with experts in the spirits field we have built relationships with architects, design engineers and manufacturing companies in order to deliver bespoke plant to your specific requirement.

Our team create clear paths of responsibility when bringing contractors to the table enabling project timelines and work scopes to be developed and adhered to.

The latest energy technologies should be employed to maintain adherence to environmental legislation and industry standards.

Spirit Production

Should you have the desire to create your own specific malted barley we have access to suppliers of malting plants who can design and build to your requirements.

When choosing the type of distillery you wish to create we access design and build distillery suppliers who are experts in the spirits industry.

Should you require design of milling, mashing, fermentation, distillation plant we have the expertise to guide you and create bespoke equipment to your specification.

Through many years of management of distilleries we have the knowledge available to help you to create new make spirit specific to the quality and character desired by our clients.

We can guide you and help you to access raw material ingredients required to produce quality new make spirit.

As with any production process problems can occur, we can help solve and give guidance on any production issues you may encounter.


When looking to mature new make spirit, the cask is the most important element. We have access to a number of cooperages across the globe enabling specific flavour development creating whiskies of character.

We have expertise in the management of casks within the warehouse and insight into cask management in different environments.

Expertise of the factors that influence spirit development and character, should you have a specific request we can guide you in your quest.

We can give guidance and offer solutions to the benefits and differences between types of warehouse available depending on your requirement and your desire to produce specific character.


Expert guidance can be given on the correct strategy for cask procurement, use and marriage. Having access to various cooperages across the world we can acquire casks according to your requirement.

We offer guidance for recipe creation for cask filling and maturation. Not every cask is equal when looking for that special character.

We can provide expert guidance on optimisation of spirit maturation length depending on the desired whisky character.

Information and guidance can be given on developing your expertise with cask characteristics and the casks available to produce whiskies of character and quality.


We can provide support and advice to help you get your cask bottled, and from the wide range of contacts we have we can enhance your product with specialist design ideas for label and carton requirements.

Additionally, we can approach manufacturers willing to work with clients to design both standard and bespoke presentation bottles suited to your product.

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